Step-by-Step Guide: Play SteamVR & non-VR Games On PSVR


The best alternative to playing VR games with the PSVR on PC is with the Trinus PSVR, a Windows application by Locksire. The Trinus PSVR application tricks the PC to think that the Sony PlayStation VR is an HTC Vive and allows you to play an extensive library of Steam VR games as well as non-VR games. The Trinus application works perfectly with any head mount. In this Trinus PSVR tutorial, however, we will discuss how to use the Sony PlayStation VR to play non-VR games and how to use the PSVR on Steam.

Getting ready

For you to play Steam games with the PSVR on PC, your gaming computer most be able to maintain 120fps at 1080p and have a free HDMI port.

A USB 3.0 port is not compulsory as the PSVR detects a USB 2.0 port faster.

First, you need to install the Trinus PSVR application before connecting the headset to the computer. The software costs $10, and you will get a code to activate the software after purchase. There is also a free version of the software, but it limits you to 15 minutes of usage.

You can download the software from the official Trinus website.


You will also need to install Steam VR for the Sony PlayStation VR to work properly. After installing Steam VR, go to the Trinus PSVR set up to install the Steam VR driver. The driver installation tab is the second sub-tab when you hit the “How to” tab on the Trinus PSVR set up. ( How to -> Install ) This driver is what tricks Steam to think that your Sony PlayStation VR is an HTC Vive.

Setting up the Trinus application

This section of the Trinus PSVR tutorial will guide you step by step in setting up the PSVR on Steam. When you launch the Trinus PSVR set up for the first time, it displays a menu with four different tabs.

Select the “How To” tab. A visual reference of how you should connect your cables will be displayed

  1. Connect the controller box to a power supply.
  2. Use a USB cord to link the controller box to your PC.
  3. Connect the PS4 HDMI to the HDMI port on your video card and ensure you do not choose your standard HDMI port.
  4. If you wish to use an external display to let your friends see what you play, you can make use of the optional TV output.

After a proper cable connection, press the power button on your Sony PlayStation VR. Your PC screen will flicker once to show that the extended display is active. Click on the “Main” tab in the Trinus application and change its mode to Steam VR.

Next, place the headset on a flat surface and center it on your PC screen, then click the “Start” button to do a position calibration for the headset. Hitting the “Start” button will automatically power up your Sony PlayStation VR and turn on all its lights.

While the calibration is running, launch Steam VR. When it loads up, your PC and headset will display a stereographic image that will be sensitive to the headset movement.

Next is to set up the room for VR. It is important to run this setup the first time you launch the application. To switch to the configuration window from the game display, hold “Alt” and “Tab” and select the Steam VR application. You can also right-click the Steam VR icon from the hidden icon panel’ and click the “Run room setup” option.

In the Steam VR Room Set Up

  1. Choose the “Standing only” option on the first page.
  2. The next page is to set up your base stations. Since there are no base stations available, hit next.
  3. The next page also requires a base station. Since you do not have one, hit next again.
  4. The next page is to calibrate the center. This option may not work correctly with the headset’s camera. You can, however, position the headset to your chest and click “calibrate center.”
  5. Next in the Trinus PSVR set up is to calibrate the floor. It is advisable to take an actual measurement to the floor as this determines the height of the character you play in the headset.
  6. Input the measured value in Centimeter, hit “Calibrate floor” and click next.
  7. With this, the room setup is complete, and you can click “Done.” the next screen takes you back to the stereoscopic grid image.

However, you need to send an extended display to the headset. The shortcut for this is “Shift” + “Windows” + “Left arrow.”

Sending an extended display to the PSVR on Steam gives you access to your desktop and limit the game view to the headset. With a desktop access, you can start up any game, and it would show up in your Sony PlayStation VR for a Virtual Reality gaming experience.

Side notes

For games like Minecraft, you may need to reset your view if the game menu appears behind. To reset the view, go to the Trinus PSVR application. From the “Main” tab, click on “Reset” and the menu display will shift back to the front!

In most first-person games that are non-VR such as GTA or SkyrimSE, your head movement is simulated by the headset to control the mouse as well as where the game character looks.

You can activate this in the Trinus PSVR set up by changing the mode to “Mouse” from the “Main” tab.

You can also extend the headset display to your monitor in a stereoscopic view for friends to see when playing VR games with the PSVR on PC. To mirror the headset’s screen, go to the display settings of your PC and choose “Duplicate these displays.”

With this Trinus PSVR tutorial, you should now be able to get your Sony headset ready to play Steam VR games and non-VR games for a Virtual Reality experience.


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