Samsung Gear VR Effective Overheating Solutions

gear vr overheating solutions

It can be both annoying and worrisome to experience a phone shutdown due to your Gear VR overheating in the middle of every interesting game session. This can be blamed on the heavy resources your device needs for its display performance as well as its processing speed.

An over-heat, apart from reducing the quality of your experience poses a big threat to your device and it is unlikely to have a long battery life if you constantly subject it to this condition.

There are lots of things one may need to check from a developers standpoint such as the version of the firmware, the network type, phone configuration, room temperature, amongst others.

All of those may sound like a complicated method for Samsung Gear VR cooling. We, however, have come up with some effective Samsung Gear VR overheating fix that properly addresses the situation.


gear vr overheating

1. Take off the rear cover. Except for very important reasons like playing in a sunny room or using it to keep ice packs in place, you should try to do without the back cover of the Gear VR headset. Having the cover attached will make it difficult for your phone to vent the generated heat during gameplay. With the rear cover out, a larger part of your device is exposed to cooling by the surrounding air and heat accumulation will be cut out.

2. Do not charge and use simultaneously.There is a higher chance that your phone will heat up substantially if it is plugged into a power outlet for charging and used to play VR games at the same time If you make use of a quick charger most especially, your phone heating up becomes almost inevitable. To avoid putting unnecessary stress that may generate heat on your device, ensure your phone is fully charged or almost full before jumping into VR.

3. Close background  applications. Every open process on your device has its own share of the total CPU power of your phone, any other open application in the background would be competing with your VR game in the CPU. The more the load on the CPU, the more it demands for power to handle them and this will consequently increase the temperature of your device. It is therefore good to close all applications running in the background to allow the CPU focus on just one process for a good experience.


There are other software checks you can do on your mobile device which can help prevent it from heating up. Few of these are listed below:

  • Disable GPS on your device
  • Turn Wi-Fi on, only if the game needs it
  • Turn Bluetooth on, only if you use a controller
  • Turn off synchronization of your device with Oculus Home
  • Ensure the brightness of your phones screen is set to minimum  comfortable setting
  • Activate the “DO NOT DISTRUB” mode on your phone to prevent notifications from popping up during a VR experience
  • Clear the storage cache of your device to leave more space within your phones temporary memory for a smooth VR experience

Expert advice: Take at least a 10 to 15 minute break every 30 minutes, even if you don’t think you need it!


Quite a number of Samsung mobile phones have the tendency of heating up upon heavy processes and this often result in a serious battery drain. If you have an older version of these headset-compatible models, the above tips may not be enough as a total Samsung Gear VR overheating fix.

To help you totally get rid of the heat challenge for a smooth experience, we have picked two of the Samsung Gear VR cooling accessories that perfectly prevent your device from heating up.


SAMSUNG GEAR VR COOLING FANThe Samsung Gear VR cooling fan is a special cooling system built only for the white gen. 3 2015 consumer edition model. The fan has an open camera design which allows you to make use of your camera with the fan on.The Samsung Gear VR fan is very quiet in performance and it effectively dissipates heat build-up on your phone. It comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts up to 7hours and can be charged through its micro-USB port.

How to use: mount your mobile device on the Gear VR headset and snap the cooling fan into the unit as you would with the headset’s cover Power up the Samsung Gear VR fan with its touch-sensitive power button and begin your VR session uninterrupted!



3X5 REUSABLE GEL ICE PACKSThe 3×5 reusable gel ice pack is 97% Canadian spring water packed in a blue high-density plastic pouch, and it can be used to prevent Gear VR overheating. The ice wraps come with 6 reusable gel packs in a set. The gel does not generate any condensation but you can still wrap it in paper towel before placing it between the back of your phone and the Gear VR cover It is reusable and will last for many years as long as you do not overheat it or leave in sunlight.

How to use:  you need to place it in a freezer for about an hour to turn it to an ice pack. The ice packs come in a perfect size and will fit well in-between your phone and the Gear VR cover.




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