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Virtual reality war is nothing new anymore. The major competitors in this field are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The HTC Vive is manufactured through collaboration between the HTC and Valve. The vive has motion controllers that can turn your entire room into a Virtual Reality play field. If you are a pro in virtual gaming, then the HTC Vive is what you need to expand your experience of the game. Below you cand find HTC Vive review. Let’s go.

When you buy Your HTC Vive,in the box you will find two wires controllers, a headset, two base stations, bridge to connect the headset to your PC. Each of these accessories has cable for attaching it to the relevant points and finding the right ports for each might be a bit hard. To completely have a running system, you require five power outlets. Two will be used for the controllers, two on the base station, and one for the bridge connector to your PC.

inside the vive box

HTC is designed to fit a space of 2 by 1.5 meter, but it is more advisable to try a bigger space. This is because some games offer a maximum gaming space of up to 5 by 5 meters so the need for a bigger space. While you can play the game on either the standing or sitting mode, the controllers of this device are designed for a flexible game movement.

The headset is made of dimpled plastic which gives the vive a futuristic look. The straps are easy to adjust. The Vive is light weight making it easily portable with a total of 555g without the cables. The overall size of the unit is 20 x 12 x 15 inches. It has 32 sensors, with 110 degrees of field view, an amazing 2160 by 120 resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Putting on the headset is pretty simple as well as making adjustments. For instance, it has a small dial on the bottom that allows you to adjust the pupillary distance.

There are two base stations that enable 360- degrees room scale motion tracking. It also allows you to move around freely and explore all the features at ease giving you an exclusive gaming experience. The manufacturer suggests that you require a 5” by 5” space area for your VR tasks, but you can also try the standing room only or even try larger dimensions than the recommended one. The most amazing feature about the Vive is that you can customize the playing area.

There are two wires controllers that are rechargeable with dual stage triggers. Use the controllers to interact with objects in the VR world. The controllers have sensors that are tracked by the base stations

Chaperone system helps you in putting up virtual walls when approaching the edge of your usable VR space. It is a great feature that can assist you in preventing you from hitting on you play desk. It also has a webcam that gives you information about the real world.

htc vive review


  • When compared to the Oculus Rift, the headset of the HTC Vive is superior
  • Has a whole-room VR which is impressive
  • The motion controllers work superbly
  • Sharp and incredible
  • Partnership with Valve


  • Going at $800, it is an expensive device
  • The setup part is a bit tricky
  • It is uncomfortable when worn for long
  • Not enought quality games
  • Requires a high-end GPU

Is you personal computer VR ready?

Before you even planning buy your Vive, it is important that you ensure that you have a powerful gaming PC. It should have good graphics and a recent processor. Ensure that the PC can support the VR effects of the HTC Vive.  It is obvious that the image display in 360 degrees, with Full HD resolution per eye – is  a task that requires quite serious PC hardware capacity, to which you connect the helmet. As Nvidia claims, VR-games need seven times more computing resources than standard 3D-games, when compared to projects with similar level of graphics. Herewith, the image refresh frequency should be at least 90 fps for a comfortable game. On the HTC Vive official website i have found recommended personal computer specs. You can see them below.

htc vive recommended pc specs

Of course, the GPU is a key element of the configuration. Specifically to denote computers that are suitable for VR, Nvidia has developed a labeling GeForce GTX VR Ready. The presence of such sign on the device means that its capacity is sufficient for comfortable use HTC Vive and Oculus Rift helmets.

However, Nvidia’s efforts are directed not only on the consumer of the final product and the development of graphics chips, but also to alleviate the problem of the creators of games and helmets. SDK VRWorks was released for them. This software set represents technologies that enable more efficient use of graphic resources in the VR, and also helps the PC -system correctly recognize the helmet during connection. It is announced that VRWorks integrated into the game engine Unity, Unreal Engine and Max Play, and also is supported by HTC Vive helmets and Oculus Rift.

Among the technologies available in SDK VXWorks, only two worth noting: Multi-Res Shading и VR SLI. Multi-Res Shading allows to save resources due to the fact that the full resolution (Full HD) is drawn only the part of the picture that the user sees, so that is located in the frontal plane, before your eyes. Accordingly, the fact that what is on the back or on the side, is drawn in a lower resolution, and here occurs a reduction in the load on the GPU.

VR SLI also allows usage of a combination of two video cards so that one of them draws the image for one eye and the other – for the other. Thus, the capacity of each of the video cards can be taped to the maximum.

It should be said that, now Nvidia is actively working on the subject of VR and see it as the future for the entire game industry. Company representatives interact with developers and they are ready to assist in the optimization of games for VR, Nvidia also works closely with HTC and Oculus. In general, as the Nvidia produces neither helmets nor content for them, accompanying the company’s efforts in the field of VR are very valuable, and it is once again convinces us that VR era has already come as the overall efforts of so many industry leaders can’t not to show an impressive result.

Thoughts about Vive

HTC Vive at the moment – perhaps is the most advanced virtual reality helmet that allows you to get the most complete vision of the opportunities and prospects of VR. But, HTC Vive is more expensive: $799 against $599 of the Oculus.

We can claim without any doubt, that it is a completely different level of VR-feeling than helmets with smartphones inside. The picture is better, the game are better, plus you have a huge arsenal of interaction with the game objects through controllers and monitoring of provisions of the helmet (gyroscope and accelerometer in smartphones can’t provide such correctness).

The main problems – is the difficulty of installation, high performance requirements (in particular, the inability to play with laptops, except for a few very expensive and massive models), and finally, the physical fatigue during any length of stay in a helmet. And, of course, the problem with the content, but here the situation will gradually change, and in the near future, the picture should be absolutely different.

So, as any innovative technology or a new class of devices, at this stage, HTC Vive – of course, is a fate of enthusiasts and those who want to look into the future. But your gaming experience will never be the same any more with the HTC Vive. It has brought a whole different change in the Virtual Reality world, and it would be right to say that it has been the long awaited future of VR.

The HTC Vive is an ultimate gaming facility for anyone obsessed with virtual reality. While it is expensive, if you really can afford it then you should go for it. It offers you with an impressive whole-room gaming experience and the controllers on the headset have a high resolution enabling you to have a clear view of the VR world. The chaperone on the headset link you to the reality world, by offering you a view of what is going on around you. It is HTC Vive is an amazing VR gaming device that you will certainly love. It was HTC Vive review, i hope you enjoyed it.



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