Important: How To Clean Your HTC Vive

how to clean your htc vive

Cleaning the HTC Vive is inevitable due to the direct contact of its parts with the human, which may leave bacteria, sweat, and makeup forming a layer on the cushion from time to time. Therefore, cleaning the HTC Vive is vital to avoid microbial effect on its parts.

Cleaning the HTC Vive may include considering the following parts so as to have a high efficiency performance of the HTC Vive.

Face cushion

The essential tools to clean the cushion are water and a clean cloth. Submerging the cushion in water is not advisable since the foam will dry out and become harder. Scrubbing the cushion with foam in cool water and a cloth is the best. Drying the cushion in the air is recommended before wearing the headset.

Head strap

The head strap gets too much involved with the hair or scalp and this leaves grease on the part hence cleaning regularly is necessary. Using cool water and a clean cloth also works well with the head strap. An alternative method is using an alcohol. Free antibacterial wipe that is non-abrasive. Using wipes that scrub too hard and contain alcohol may lead to removing color of the strap or drying out the fabric, hence stiffening the head scrap.


Fingerprints and particles are left on the lenses when either putting on or removing the headset. The used tool in cleaning the lens is a microfiber. Cleaning should start from the center of the lens outward to the edges in a circular motion. Using a damp microfiber cloth is recommended when someone decided to go out of style, achieved by damping in cool, clean water or with a solution that is alcohol-free.


The alcohol-free antibacterial wipe that is non-abrasive is the best thing to use in wiping off the hand grim from the controllers. However, if someone is in a hurry to play again immediately after cleaning, using a dry paper towel so as it absorbs any moisture remaining on the controller’s surface

Tips and advises from users

  • HTC Vive cotton covers made from VR company acts as a pillowcase to keep off the headset from skin and dirt. This is a good idea to the item clean when allowing other people to use the gadget. Moreover, the cover comes in a variety of materials, which includes cloth and weather and is machine-washable.
  • Wiping of the face is recommended before playing the games. A cosmetic and a cleansing cloth that is antibacterial and safe to skin should be used to wipe before any play. The main advantage of this is that, it stops bacteria and sweat from getting onto the cushion, hence stopping clogging of the pores with grime when one is playing.
  • Wearing a sport headband when playing games for a prolonged period of time is advisable to prevent sweat from dripping down on the forehead and also into the face cushion.
  • Removing makeup before wearing the headset is vital, and traditionally alcohol is good for removing stains off the fabric off the headset. Another way is to use makeup wipes for removing foam on the headsets. Therefore, if the wipes removes stains from other places definitely they are fit to remove makeup form the face. The advantage of the makeup removing wipes and alcohol is that, they are portable and hence easier to put on a personal bag.
  • Scratches on the lens can be prevented by cleaning the lenses but the best method is to have lens protectors on the Vive just after buying. Although the micro-scratches do not affect the quality of the photo, it is advisable to insert the protectors.

The responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the HTC Vive all lies on the hands of owner or the guest user. The owner should politely offer sanitary wipes for the guest to remove the makeup and the guest should reach to a consensus to remove the makeup. This ensures the efficiency and functionality of the gadget is maintained and enhances its life span.


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