It happened: only $220 and your VIVE will be wireless


I think you are not surprised by the launch of Touch controllers of Oculus as its 2016 closure strategy, but HTC has something special for 2017. A module that facilitates wireless option of Vive headset is what HTC is planning to kick off 2017 with.

Today HTC announced a VR upgrade kit made by TPCAST. The upgrade for HTC is designed for the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset. Out of the 33 companies to join the Vive X Accelerator, TPCAST is among the first. There was a preview of the upgrade kit in China today. This happened at Alibabas 11/11 global shopping festival held in Shenzen, China. HTC guarantees that the product is not the wireless prototype device which is in the Quark VR works.


Alvin W. Graylin, the Regional President of Vive at HTC in China sampled the upgrade kit. We have the exclusive footage of the upgrade below. The PC is not connected to the headset. No wires are used behind the monitor.

According to Alvin, the overall experience of Vive will be greatly improved by upgrade kit despite the upgrade coming with no distinct difference for factors like latency. There will be a standard battery available with the preorder of the product. However, Graylin announced the sale of a bigger battery which will eventually be sold. From what we were told, the standard battery can power the device for 90 minutes. The bigger battery will certainly stay longer in the pocket of users.

An adoption of the device by avid Vive users is anticipated by HTC though it could be essential for businesses. HTC company has been placing big emphasis on Arcades lately. This area can handle multiple Vive units without worrying about the few dangerous tripping and tangled wires.

A preorder of the upgrade kit will be available on the Vives Chinese website. This will be in limited quantity of devices which will be sold at 1,499 CNY (~$220). HTC said the preorders will go live on Friday at 7 a.m. Pacific. Shipping of the kit is set to start in Q1 2017. According to Alvin, you can order the product and pay for shipping online. A press release by HTC talked about order fulfillment to already existing Vive customers. What the customers will need to do to qualify for the prioritization is the provision of a valid Vive serial number.


Alvin would not confirm whether future Vive versions will experience an integration of the tech, but his imagination sees future products having this technological preference. He also said local release plans are yet to be discussed.

Two previous tetherless VR headset have emerged in the VR industry. This PCbased wireless VR is the third to appear. Previous headsets used entirely standalone systems and mobile phones. Big players such as Oculus are showcasing their products but an innovative product such as this upgrade kit will have a very effective counterattack. The device is ideal for the already gaining interest category of products. Users will experience a movement free of freedom in a room as they immerse themselves in complex virtual worlds.


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