Thoughts: Should I buy HTC Vive

should i get htc vive

In the background of the growing popularity of virtual reality and a wide range of features that it offers, you slowly begin to think about purchasing a set of VR gear. There are many options, ranging from low-end solutions at the base using smartphones and ending with such monsters of the virtual reality industry such as Vive and Rift. I think you will agree that this is not the easiest way. We certainly want to get the best experience available. If that is true for you, the question of whether to buy Vive, would not exist.

Since the solution should be easy, you could find a VR- helmet for your smartphone on eBay, to play the simple games on Android or iOS and to watch 360 videos on YouTube or Facebook.

I wanted quality, I suppose you want it too. I must say that you cannot get a direct answer for this question. It impossible. Everybody has different needs and circumstances and, finally, there are  different approaches in this technology field.I want to help you to make the right choice, I went through it myself. I spent a lot of time learning about all options available before pulling the trigger — ordering Vive VR set.

should i buy htc vive

After asking what quality you want. The best possible, or not? I hope you understand that VR set doesn’t come cheap. Now I will tell you the approximate sum, and if you are not willing to spend so much money, then, unfortunately, you have to wait until the prices fall and this will not happen soon, or to look for the simpler headset.

should i buy htc vive

The Vive ordered from US will cost you $ 799 + shipping, so in Europe it is about € 960 (set + taxes + shipping). In addition, it is necessary to consider that not all countries are available for making order in Europe. Also, that is not all the costs. You need a powerful PC to play games without any issues so you could really have fun. You are lucky, if all you need is to upgrade your PC a bit. I had to buy only the recommended graphics card, which cost € 300. However, if you need a new PC, be prepared to shell out at least $ 900-1000, and it will not be the most powerful of computers. If the price does not scare you, then the question is practically solved.

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Some information about HTC VIVE

All top-level headsets currently have a cable connection, this may cause some inconvenience; despite the fact that the cable is long enough, during particularly active games the cable can get entangled. There are rumours that there is new wireless Vive prototype to appear soon, and then maybe it is worth it to wait longer? I do not see the reason why! You can wait for the falling of the prices on Vive, but not for the launch of a wireless headset. It will not be soon, and there will be many initial problems.

Vive was created for the full experience of virtual reality. You will find two base stations in the complete set, which will keep track of your place and fix your position and movement, and there are two controllers, with which you can immerse yourself in the gameplay. For example, you can shoot a bow, shoot at zombies from very different weapons, and interact with objects and so on. This gameplay cannot be compared with the usual game. You are completely immersed in it and sometimes it even seems that everything is really going on.

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Currently, a small amount of quality games is available and they are certainly not free. There are a sufficient number of free games, but I think you’ll quickly become bored. However, we must understand that this technology is only beginning to develop, and there will be cool projects in the future; it is a common knowledge that Vive is cooperating with giants of the game industry, such as Valve. However, you do not need to worry about the finishing of the games. There is software solution that allows you to play games that were released for the PC, but using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

It is worth mentioning that when you buy a HTC Vive, you will get three extra games for free: The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, Google Tilt Brush, and Zombie Training Simulator.

With purchasing of expensive electronics, it is very important for the company to have a great customer support service. It is not so simple with Vive support, to be honest; it is not at the highest level. Before ordering the Vive, I had written to the customer service about four times but did not receive any answer. It is unbelievable, but for some strange reasons, after my every request they sent me a message, asking me to evaluate their customer support service. What nonsense! You can find discussions threads on the Internet, where users share their experiences about the technical support. They are not always positive. Personally I took out an insurance on my Vive, in the case of any accident.

should i buy htc vive

I want to emphasize that Vive has a built-in camera; you can easily switch to it and see what is happening around. It is very comfortable.

You should not forget that Vive, unlike Oculus, demands more space, preferably you need to have the area at least 1.5 x 1.5 (meters), and there should be no obstacles, furniture, etc. Otherwise, you can hit yourself or hit the objects with the controller. In the course of the game it is very easy to get lost in space, the benefit is that the system will highlight the border when you approach the initially defined boundaries in a rush game. Therefore, make sure there’s sufficient amount of free space.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the main factor, influencing the decision, is the price of the set with all the additional costs. However, it’s not particularly easy when making a choice between Vive and Rift. The headsets are very similar and it is better if you have the opportunity to try both helmets and compare them before making an important decision. If this is not possible, then just rely on your intuition. I hope, it will not let you down.


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