The 22 Best HTC Vive Games of 2017


Virtual reality is more mind-blowingly lifelike in 2017 than it’s ever been. And we mean that. Ever.

This is a relatively long list of HTC Vive games available today—and we’ve chosen the best one, but believe us, you’re going to need to check back for even newer games every so often.

But for now, enjoy the graphics, the gunplay, the shooting at zombies at top speed, the car races, the sheer virtual reality adventure that these HTC Vive games will bring you.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best 22 HTC Vive games of 2017:

Starting out?

Here’s a good place to get your feet wet — five of the best HTC Vive games for beginners.

The Lab  

Imagine a tightly enclosed view of the world, where, just like in reality, everything is connected. Everything can be picked up, thrown, written on, shot at, or sent away, because everything is under your command. Just like in the real world, where there are no scripted levels, and there is not a pre-made tutorial how exactly to go about stuff.

The marriage between the real and the virtual realms is what virtual headsets really strive for. And this marriage can only be successful, if like in the game ‘The Lab’, you find yourself in the most strangest of all possible environments, in a kind of futuristic dystopia. Then you can build and develop the vast, changing world everywhere around you. At the same time you have the gameplay elements like extended stamina, a health bar, and stylised graphics. But the detail is really just stunning, so make sure you don’t leave a stone unturned when wandering around open skies, or deep dark facilities for that matter.

Waltz of the Wizard

With a complete fairy tale for a setup, you can get a convincing look at what it means to handle unlimited power without much of a need for lifting a finger.

Everything is close by in this game, and of course it is entirely up to you how much of a mess you will make of it.

Abuse your power and become a havoc loving wizard, or explore the mysteries around you taking in the atmospheric detail of a medieval-like tower dungeon at slow pace.

Not as expansive as the first game on our list, however, you can fly, and chase giants, taking advantage of a sophisticated physics engine to direct fire, or water to handle truly atmospheric surprises and close encounters with both nature and ancient mechanisms all around, hiding traps, or voices that haunt you in your own head.

Tilt Brush by Google

One of the most limitless and creative experiences available on the HTC Vive, this game is completely point black when you launch it, because every stroke of the controller is part of a new world that you have sketched out for yourself to walk in.

This, however means, that the game is more of an app than a game as such, and those with real artistic aspirations could find no more immersive practice. It receives regular updates to give you even more tools and it is pressure sensitive. Just make sure that you will be able to handle whatever your imagination leads you to, from up close once it’s done.

For some, this is even the only reason for having a VR headset.

Zombie Training Simulator

Cartoonish to look at, this game is far from being light-hearted.

You can actually feel besieged pretty quickly and if you are xenophobic this game is either not for you at all, or it may help build your confidence as the players will find themselves vastly outnumbered by the incoming zombie hordes, and besides those creatures looking really disgusting, they can actually get to you once too many times and such a close call for the preservation of your bare life will certainly drive up your heartbeat.


Minimalist to look at, but completely adaptable even to your custom play lists. With an option for each hand, the key in this game is to hit the right side at an exact right time.

Provided that you load in one of your favourite songs, which the game then loads and adapts to accordingly, this is a test not only of your reflexes, but mainly memory, musical talent, and hearing.

Given that the game is completely modular and given that your musical collection is large enough, there is just not a chance for you to feel bored for hours upon hours.


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