The HTC Vive Foam Cushion Replacement Guide

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The HTC Vive is factory-fitted with good foam cushions which are intended to give gamers good support, breathability, and comfort during game sessions. However, a lot of users complained of skin irritation from the original pads, and it won’t be a bad idea to replace them if there are better ones out there, even for some other reasons.

What if you are playing Alzan Studios’ Holopoint and your headset gets messed up with sweat and oil from your face? Or you wish to share your HTC Vive with friends without sharing the dirt and sweat? Or maybe you just need a quality, waterproof foam cover to protect your HMD? That is when the VR cover replacements come in handy!

These replacement foam pads will give the headset a better fitting on your face as long as you choose the right one for your face type. A well-fitted foam cushion will give the minimum amount of motion if you turn your head quickly.

To maintain a good hygiene and for uninterrupted gaming sessions, most HTC Vive foam replacement packages come in twos, yet affordable!


A classy protection for your HTC Vive by Virtual Reality hygiene specialist, VR Cover, is the waterproof foam cover. The foam cushion is made of a soft leather material specially built to keep your Vive console clean during fitness or while enjoying some Virtual Reality games that induce sweat. A set of this waterproof HTC Vive foam replacement contains two HTC Vive VR covers which cost $29.

Whether you are picking the thin face padding or yours is the broad face, any of these cover varieties will fit perfectly into the HTC Vive headset. This foam cushion is waterproof and will not absorb sweat or dirt. Although alcohol wipes will not damage this waterproof foam cover, alcohol causes skin irritation for some people, and it’s, therefore, safer to clean the face pad with non-alcohol antibacterial wipes.



The VR Cover Velour Foam Replacement Is another hygiene product from Virtual Reality to give users comfort during their VR sessions. It is a super-soft foam cushion made from quality Velour fabrics as a replacement to Vive’s original foam padding. Each product pack comes with two pads at $29, and the foam cover weighs 0.64 ounces.

The Velour foam replacement has been on the market since 2014, and it is still so much in use as it is indeed a hygiene solution to all HTC Vive users. Each product pack comes with two replaceable foams that are machine washable. So when one of the foams has accumulated enough sweat and dirt, you can prepare it for washing while you replace it with the second foam cover, leaving your VR experience uninterrupted.


The VR Cover PU leather foam is specially designed to bring HTC Vive users closer to the actions in their headset while maintaining a good hygiene without compromising their comfort. The padding is soft and leather-like in texture, properly hugging your face and leaving you without skin irritation. It comes with two replaceable pads in one set for an easy swap. It weighs 1.4 ounces, and it costs $29.

This PU Leather foam is VR Cover’s native replacement foam cushion for the HTC Vive console. It is slimmer than the original padding but will increase your field of vision during gameplay as it brings your eyes closer to the lenses of the headset. It is a perfect foam padding for exhibitions, shows, or if you intend to share with friends and family. You can easily detach and wipe-off accumulated dirt and sweats on the face cover after each usage while you make use of the second pad in the pack for the next user.


Another compatible foam cover to HTC Vive’s native face pad is the PU leather memory foam replacement from Clever Ones. The PU leather foam cushion comes in black color, and it is of top quality. It is easy to clean-up and simple to install. A single pack of the 10mm PU leather foam weighs 2.08 ounces and costs $9.99.
CleverOnes Memory Foam Face Foam Replacement 10mm PU Leather for HTC ViveThe PU leather memory foam replacement Is a bit slimmer than HTC Vive’s original face pad, giving gamers a closer view into the lenses. The PU leather foam cover will leave your face feeling comfortable without any form of skin irritation. With so much durability and comfort from its material at a lower price, this face pad will make an excellent replacement to Vive’s native foam cushion.


HTC Vive Foam Replacements are simple to fix into the headset, and replacements won’t take you so much time to do. In the video tutorial, you will learn how to safely detach your HTC Vive’s foam cover from the headset without scratching the lenses. You will also learn how to fix the neater face cushion safely and without stress.


These foam replacements are a unique alternative to the original pads. They are designed to give the headset a comfortable support, prevent your sensitive skin from irritation, maintain good hygiene, and keep your HTC Vive clean during your virtual reality experience.

They are made from top quality super soft materials and come as two in a pack to give room for cleaning or washing one while the other is in use. The HTC Vive foam replacements are affordable and worth the price as they are specially designed to protect you, as well as your HTC Vive headset.

If you are a real gamer that wants comfort for longer and immersive VR sessions, you should take advantage of this fantastic replaceable and washable padding hygiene solution!


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