The Best Virtual Reality Headsets for Smartphone Users in 2017

vr headsets for smartphone

VR headsets for smartphones have now become a viewing dock into compatible mobile devices for an immersive Virtual Reality experience where you can explore the world without limits. The mobile-based solution was designed to bring VR technology to devices running on i0S, Android, and Windows platform, and it is another way to experience an immersive Virtual Reality without purchasing expensive gears like PlayStation VR or HTC Vive.

With a mobile VR headset, you can watch 3D movies, view panoramic pictures, play Virtual Reality games, stream, and enjoy a cinema experience on your smartphone. There are thousands of smartphone VR games and apps online to try out with the headset, and most of them are free to download. The smartphone goggles are very easy to configure and use Just insert your smartphone into the dedicated slot, strap the mobile VR headset to your face, and there you are enjoying an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

These mobile VR headsets are affordable and only have few unique features compared to Premium VR gears since they depend on the display and hardware of your mobile device to function. That is why the mobile headsets come cheap. If you want to experience an immersive Virtual Reality like never before but need help in making the right choice of headset, you can read our comprehensive review on the best VR headsets for Smartphones.


mobile headset for smartphone - google daydream view

Google daydream is a mobile VR headset specially designed to transform your Moto Z, Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones to Virtual Reality gears with the best immersion. The Daydream VR headset let you enjoy 360-degree games, panoramic photos, Google Street view, and 3D videos at their best. The light-weight Google Daydream headset is motion-controllable and also comes with a Bluetooth remote controller, tiny enough to fit into the smartphone VR headset for easy transport. At 1 pound weight, the all-fabric smartphone goggles feel very comfortable to wear on the face even with your glasses on. You can also adjust the single elastic headband to your convenience if it feels too tight or too loose. You can find a good focus and a sweet spot for viewing with its smart, progressive lenses for an incredible VR experience.Google Daydream is a great product that gives you so much at an affordable price, and we would have considered it as the best VR headset for Smartphones if it worked with other mobile devices. | 


mobile headset for smartphone - samsung gear vr

Samsung Gear VR Is a great mobile VR headset that is capable of delivering an immersive VR experience at the same level with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The mobile headset features its sensors, one of which is the powerful motion sensing technology from Oculus. Also on the headset is a navigational touchpad, a focal adjustment dial, and a preloaded micro SD card.The smartphone goggles weigh 8 ounces, and it is very portable, which means that it won’t be a burden during long periods of use The Samsung Gear VR will give you access to the Oculus Library where you can download several games and other contents, most of which are free. The 3D HMD smartphone VR headset comes in an all-black plastic material, and it has enough space to accommodate large Samsung phones. However, the Samsung Gear VR does not support all smartphones, not even all its models, probably because their specifications does not meet the requirements for the best output. Two of the seven Samsung models supported by the smartphone goggles are Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S7,The Samsung Gear VR comes with a USB Type-C adaptor, and it can be replaced with the regular Micro USB if you own an S7 or S7 edge. |


moible headset for smartphone - homido vr

The Merge VR smartphone goggles are specially designed to give you an immersive VR experience with games and 3D videos on both the iOs and Android platforms. At the top of the smartphone VR Headset are two control buttons for game actions in case you don’t have a dedicated controller. Owners of the Merge VR will enjoy direct access to the VR START portal where they can download several VR games and 3D videos.This VR headset for smartphones is contoured to fit any face shape, and it comes with a black strap for firmness. There is also a flexible foam to protect your mobile device from accidentally dropping off during play. To maintain good hygiene, you can wipe off accumulated dirt with its foam technology.The recommended smartphones for the best experience on the Merge VR includes Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, LG G4, HTC One M8, and newer versions of the mentioned models.Merge VR is approved for age 10 and has won the “Tastes award” and CNN’s “best VR headset for Big Kids and Teens” amongst others, which makes it one of the best VR headsets for Smartphones. | 


mobile headset for smartphone - homido v2

The Homido V2 mobile VR headset gives you a 360-degree spherical view of VR games and 3D videos from your smartphone. The smartphone VR headset comes with custom-made VR lenses, and you can make optical adjustments like setting its IPD and immersion level with dedicated knobs and buttons. It also comes with an interchangeable face cushion and cleaners to maintain good hygiene. For maximum support for the smartphone goggles during use, it comes with two adjustable straps. One over the head and the other around the head.The Homido V2 mobile VR headset is compatible with recent Android and iOs devices, and you can download compatible apps from Homido’s official website as well as on iTunes and Google play store. A plus to this VR Headset for smartphones is the fact that it also lets you stream PC and PlayStation games with it These amongst other cool features makes it one of the best VR headsets for Smartphones. | 


mobile headset for smartphone - pasonomi 3d

The Pasonomi 3D is a unique mobile VR headset that lets you have a Virtual Reality immersion experience on your smartphone. The smartphone VR headset is of a quality ABS plastic materials, and it works well with iPhones, Samsung and other hi-tech Android devices whose screen size falls between 4.0 and 6.0 inches.There is an adjustable T-shaped strap to help you hold the 9.1 ounces headset firmly into position. Also in the pack is a padding system to protect your face and give you maximum comfort during extended play. As a way to maintain good hygiene when sharing with friends and family, there is a special cleaning cloth in the package to wipe off sweats and dirt. At the top of the headset is a dial that lets you adjust the focus, and on the side is a knob to move the mobile device nearer or farther till you have achieved the desired visuals. Unfortunately, this VR headset for smartphones do not come with a controller, and you may need to purchase this separately for smooth navigation.



mobile headset for smartphone - xiaozhai bobovr z4

BoboVR Z4 is a fantastic all-in-one mobile VR headset that lets you enjoy 3D movies and VR games on Android and iOS smartphones. The black, white and grey smartphone VR headset is a large unit but has a unique design, built from very quality PET has an adjustable T-shaped elastic head strap to hold the headset to your face, and there is good padding to support the 0.42 kg smartphone goggles.At its top is an Optical Sliding Control to adjust the spherical resin lens for the best VR experience and with its resin lens, you won’t experience any visual fatigue even after prolonged usage.BoboVR Z4 has a brilliant system of phone insertion to accommodate smartphones of 4.0 to 6.0 inches, and there is a protection mechanism to let your smartphone maintain a fixed position. For an efficient scratch protection, the interior of the headset comes layered with a micro-rubber.A distinctive feature of the BoboVR Z4 that makes it one of the best VR headsets for Smartphones is its 6cm cable that lets you take advantage of the built-in headphone system. | 


mobile headset for smartphone - luphie 3d

The Luphie 3D is a 3rd generation Virtual Reality smartphone glasses that allows you to play VR games and watch 3D movies from your iPhone, Windows, and Android mobile devices. The 1.8 pounds mobile VR headset works well with smartphones within 4.7 and 6.2 inches and has an adjustable protection slot to hold any mobile device within this range.On the Luphie 3D is a multi-function voice button to adjust volume, control video speed, and skip your songs. There is a touchscreen OK button on this smartphone VR headset basically for shooting, but it also doubles as a Confirm button. For the best viewing effect, you can control fuzziness with the adjustment screw at the top and adjust ocular refraction with a dedicated knob on the side.The Luphie 3D headset has an 8-layer nano-coating on its HD optical resin lenses that is five times polished to prevent optical deformities or fatigue while maintaining a lossless 3D Virtual Reality reproduction. The Luphie 3D may not be the most powerful, but it is one of the best VR headsets for Smartphones.



mobile headset for smartphone - beusoft vr

The Beusoft VR is a VR headset for smartphones that lets you enjoy VR games and 3D movies on 4.5 to 6.3-inch mobile devices. The mobile VR headset comes with adjustable lenses, a good one for multiple players that have a different vision. It also comes with a belt strap adjustable for different head sizes.As a way to cool the smartphone goggles when in use, the top, bottom, and the two sides have holes for heat escape. The 1.1 pounds headset comes with a good padding for comfort, and in its frame mask is a soft sponge and leather to protect your nose. ln the package comes the Beusoft mobile VR headset, a remote controller compatible with only Android phones, and manuals for the remote controller and smartphone goggles.The Beusoft VR may not be the best VR headset for Smartphones, but it is a cheap way to step up your game from google cardboard to a phone-powered VR immersion. |


Since most smartphone VR Headsets will make use of the motion sensor, gyroscope, and processor of the device, you will enjoy a smoother smartphone VR experience only if you use your mobile VR headset with better specced mobile devices and play high-resolution games. However, all you can get for now is an inkling of the potentials of smartphone goggles with VR apps.

As a general safety precaution, you should use the headset intermittently and take short breaks when your eyes feel tired. Also, if you are acrophobic, hyperpiesia or pregnant, use these smartphone goggles with caution.

Gamers now have premonitions that Virtual Reality will be more immersive on mobile devices in the nearest future, and getting a pair of the headset is what will take you a step closer to it!


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