Important: How To Clean Your Playstation VR

how to clean playstation vr (psvr)

Once your PlayStation VR headset is out of the box, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to accumulate dirt and get messy. Apart from the fact that it could get stained with dirt on your hands and oils from your sweaty face, the lenses can also fog up from breath, and the unit can play host to viruses and harmful bacteria.

Consequently, the unit may generate unpalatable odor after few days due to bacteria growth.

Any of such situations are inevitable and could get as bad as spreading infections amongst users if you don’t know how to clean PSVR headsets efficiently or maintain a good hygiene.

It is important to understand how to clean PSVR units correctly as a wrong cleaning approach may ruin the components.

The next section addresses how to clean PSVR units quickly after each use and tips on how to clean PSVR headsets on a routine basis.


As interesting as sharing your PSVR headset with friends could be, nobody wants a fun that comes at the expense of getting infections on the face.

There are instructional videos from Sony on how to clean light shield and sensors, as well as how to clean PSVR lenses but none has really addressed the cleaning of the headband.

It’s a good practice to have non-alcoholic antibacterial wipes around when you are using your PlayStation VR headset. With this, you can sanitize your PSVR unit after each use or before the next person puts it on if you’ll be sharing it with friends.

  • To clean dirt and accumulated sweats on the headband effectively, use non-alcoholic anti-bacteria liquid to wipe down the band. It works fine and can get rid of the smell.
  • To clean the other parts of the unit, wipe down the nose guard, the light shield and then the headrest gently with the non-alcohol anti-bacteria wipe. During this cleaning process, however, avoid using the wipe on the lenses.


When dust are left to accumulate on the PSVR headset for too long, they may find their way into the unit. The dust particles may cause electrical issues within and could even block the vents. If you practice and know how to clean PSVR headsets on a routine basis, you can maintain an excellent performance of your headset. To do an in-depth cleaning on a routine basis,

  • Use compressed air or a Dust Cleaner to blow out the dust, and then use the embedded brush to clean off the dust particles.
  • If you have extreme stains on it, slightly dampen the microfiber cleaning cloth with the non-alcohol anti-bacteria wipe to clean it off on the outside.

The next section addresses how to clean light shield of the headset and how to clean PSVR lenses in detail.


  1. Locate the fastener points where the screen guard meets the housing around the edges and pull them out carefully to get the light shield out.
  2. Mildly wash the light shield in warm water with your hands. Avoid making use of soaps or dishwashers on the component.
  3. Gently dry out the moisture on the light shield.
  4. Carefully fix the light shield back into its compartment within the headset with the fasteners.


In the PlayStation VR box comes a non-abrasive microfiber cleaning cloth for the lenses. To clean the lenses, Sony instructed that PSVR owners wipe each lens round gently in a circular manner. An overused cleaning cloth may leave smudges on the lens and you should replace when it gets too dirty. However, some users make use of the carbon tip of a lens pen and they reported that it works fine on the lenses too.


  • Wipe your face with anti-bacteria liquids before putting on the headset. If you are a lady, you may consider getting rid of make-ups before putting the PSVR on your face.
  • To prevent sweats on your face from running down into your headset, you may wear a bandana or headband before putting on the PSVR. You can also invest in some third party Head-mounted Display sanitary masks that can be replaced and cleaned if you will be sharing the unit with others.
  • Make use of only the dry non-abrasive microfiber cleaner that comes with the unit to wipe the PSVR lenses and sensors to avoid scratching it. Do not use alcohol-based cleaning products on the unit.
  • After cleaning the components in your PSVR like the plastic light shield, let air dry out any leftover moisture. Do not expose any part of the unit to direct sunlight or use a dryer.


  • If you use eyeglasses, try out the PSVR without them, people using eyeglasses have reported to still have a good view without it. If you can’t do without your glasses, you can invest in lens protectors or spacers that keep the frame at a distance from the lens.
  • Do not store other components like your USB cables, controller pads etc. together with the PSVR unit as their metal parts may scratch the lenses if they come in contact.
  • Do not expose the lenses of your PSVR to sunlight or keep the unit close to the window. Store it in a cool dark place to prevent premature wear.
  • Do not use abrasive wipes to clean the lenses as this may leave marks on them.
  • On a general note, just like prevention is always better than cure, using a lens protector is safer than spending extras on replacing scratched lenses.

You can order for a PlayStation VR lens protector that has a BlueGuard coating. It will protect your lenses from getting scratched and also protect your eyes from the harmful low energy light from the display.


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