Step-by-Step Guide: Get your PSVR working with MacOS


The PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) which has been given the fancy name of Project Morpheus has originally been designed to work with PlayStation. The purpose of PSVR is to provide the taste of virtual reality to make games more fun. To add to that fun, an app has been developed to make the PSVR work with MacOS by emoRaivis, a member of the PlayStation VR subreddit. To mark the addition of MacOS to Project Morpheus, the app has been named MacMorpheus.

Using MacMorpheus you can now Watch 3D 180/360 degree videos with head tracking on your PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) head -mounted display (HMD) with MacOS. Follow the step-by-step process to set up the system. MacMorpheus might not work with an versions of MacOS. This app is compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12.

Where to Download: You can download the zip file of MacMorpheus app from the following link of GitHub:


Here is what you should do after downloading MacMorpheus:

  1. Go to download folder
  2. Extract the zip file in any folder that is convenient for you
  3. You are almost ready to use your PS VR on Mac, follow the next steps

Set up the Plastation VR with your MacOS: At first, set up your PSVR as usual. If it is your first time setting up Sony Playstation VR then You can watch this Playstation VR Setup Tutorial

After that:

  1. Switch on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), PSVR and your Television.
  2. Take the connector box or the processor unit of your PSVR and disconnect the head-mounted display HDMI cable from that unit.
  3. Use the unplugged head-mounted display HDMI cable to connect your PSVR into your Macbook
  4. Take the connector box of the PSVR head -mounted display again and connect the HDMI cable from your Television into that box.
  5. Take the PSVR processing unit and connect the USB cable of that unit into your vr setup diagram macmorpheus
  6. Open/launch MacMorpheus app
  7. Open a video of your choice from your MacOS.
  8. Click setting of that particular video to choose format or modes of your choice from the following A. 2D 180A B. 3D 360A Horizontal (Stacked) C. 3D 180A Vertical (Side By Side)

Controlling MacMorpheus App with Your Mac: You can operate MachMorpheus using the following keys of your MacBook.

  • R: to reset view
  • Space: to pause / to play
  • Esc: to exit full-screen mode/ to quit
  • Return: To enable Full-Screen Mode
  • Left Arrow: To Skip Ahead
  • Right Arrow: To Skip Back
  • Drag Mouse: To Look Around

The Demo Video: You can watch how PSVR works with MacOS

So, what do you waiting for Download MacMorpheus now, and enjoy the virtual reality on your MacBook!


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