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Developed by Ralf Ostertag, VorpX is a 3D driver which you can use for Direct X9, 10 and 11 games with either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets. VorpX is compatible with a number of AAA games including Call of Duty, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Dead Space, Splinter Cell, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. VorpX supports over 150 titles which, for the avid gamer, translates to endless gaming hours.

vorpx review and download

As it is an injection driver, VorpX inserts itself into game files and attaches itself into supporting files. You will need to launch the program before starting the game, but once the program is running, the game screen is divided for each headset lens ensuring that you get the highly-coveted virtual reality effect. The virtual reality effect in VorpX is created through two main modes; Geometry 3D and the Z buffer mode. In Geometry 3D, images are very real and life like, while Z buffer method has very good frame rate although the 3D is not up to par. Fortunately, it is possible to switch between these modes.

Before you consider a VorpX download, you ought to be aware that VorpX is not a plug and play software, and manual tweaking of VR settings might be required for some games. Before going through with your VorpX download, you need to also ensure that your processor is running an updated version of Windows. VorpX is only compatible with Windows 7 upwards. You also need an NVIDIA chip, although an AMD graphics card would do just fine, and a fast quad core processor.

VorpX has a number of awesome features including VLC and MPC-HC support, head-tracking, and a simple user interface. However, users have also pointed out that it takes quite some time to learn how to properly adjust the settings to suit your preferences.

Ways To Download Vorpx for Free

You can download VorpX from the official VorpX website. There is no way to get Vorpx for free.

There are a lot of sites which promise VorpX free download, but most are scam sites.  The only certain VorpX download is from the official website.

The software costs about ~$40. Final price may vary due to taxes, depending on your location.

But this is the easiest way to avoid malware and fastest way to get software.  And by buying it, you will be supporting the developer who has committed thousands of hours into creating and perfecting the application.

Download VorpX | Virtual Reality Amazon Deals

Is it worth it?

If you have the money, you own HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and are looking for a 3D gaming experience, then VorpX is worth a try. But then, don’t set your expectations too high. However, if you are unable to afford it, or are discouraged by some of its disadvantages, then there are a number of alternatives.

VorpX Alternatives

  1. TriDef  costs just as much as VorpX. However, it has a 2-week free trial program. Unfortunately, TriDef is not compatible with Oculus Rift
  2. Vireio –  supports both Vive and Rift, and is free for download.
  3. Depth 3D –  is also a good and free alternative to VorpX, giving even the boys at TriDef a run for their money.

Owing to the many titles it supports, VorpX is currently one of the best virtual reality applications and is worth a try for anyone yearning for a 3D gaming experience.



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