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vorpx full review

Owing to advancements in technology, virtual reality is quickly becoming the acceptable standard in gaming. But what’s not to love about the realistic 3D setting that virtual reality has to offer? Unfortunately, most games do not have virtual reality features hence the challenge of playing them on your Rift or Vive.

What is VorpX

The VorpX is a 3-dimensional driver for DirectX9-11 games that is specifically geared towards Virtual Reality devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. If you are familiar with this, you are going to be blown away by the difference the VorpX makes to your gaming visuals. Besides making your regular games into 3D games, the VorpX games offer and addition of various features to tackle away many of the common issues you probably are use to and that usually happen when you are playing games on a virtual reality headset that is not truly designed for this systems.

With the VorpX you’ll be able to walk,run, jump, feel and touch everything you want in the amazing worlds your favorite games have to offer. With the release of the new and more advanced version of the VorpX, you’ll enjoy the benefits of better visuals, better occlusion handling and a great definition of colours like you’ve never seen before.

How does VorpX work

VorpX works by injecting itself into a game file. Once it is launched, the program will automatically hook into a supported file. It is also in some cases able to hook into unsupported files.

To use the program, you have to launch it prior to launching the game. Once the VorpX launch is done, switch on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and select your desired game. The game will be running in no time and you will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of virtual reality gaming.

VorpX splits the screen for each VR headset lens. This creates a magical virtual reality effect. Most customers have reported having had a pleasant surprise the first time they launched vorpX. They describe the sights as amazing and different from that which is offered by other 3-dimensional gaming programs. This effect is largely due to vorpX’s ability to divide the gaming screen into different sections. Division of the screen creates an effect which mirrors the human eye’s way of functioning. You are therefore able to see everything exactly as you would see it in a real life situation.

Other 3D programs are however not able to achieve this because they fail to combine convergence and focus. VorpX influences the way a user’s eyes focus through a process known as 3D-Algorithm. Like any consumer product, VorpX has its own share of pros and cons.

Vorpx Advantages

  • Intuitive UI (user interface)
  • 3D Gaming Effect
  • Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch support
  • HTC Vive and Vive controllers support
  • Direct VR mode
  • Head tracking (1:1 Direct VR)
  • Automated FOV ajustment (Direct VR)
  • Positional Tracking
  • Virtual Reality Media Player
  • Cloud based user settings & profiles
  • Modern multi-threaded architecture
  • Hotkeys
  • Supportive customer care
  • Regular upgrades

Vorpx Disadvantages

  • 3D Geometry not in every game
  • Number of games with DIRECT VR support is limited
  • Often, doesn’t work from the box
  • No trial
  • No refund
  • Some number of issues

VorpX main features

  • With the VorpX you get support for more than 150 games with Stereo 3D, but  pretty much with Dx9-Dx11 titles list will just work out of the box. The only thing missing in these unsupported games is Stereo 3D. Everything else works perfectly, including the full head tracking. In the VorpX website you will find a list of the supported games that VorpX allows you to play on your Oculus Rift  and HTC VIVE in Stereo 3D. VorpX is right now the only solution to enjoy the quality of modern DX10 and DX11 games that are very popular like the Fallout 4, Skyrim and Call of Duty.
  • VorpX allows you to do basic image adjustments that weren’t available because of the headsets DirectMode operational system. Now you are in control of the gamma, saturation and you can apply different filters to the image. This changes everything in games that have a high resolution.
  • You will experience a Direct VR on every game that can be handled that way. Remember this changes from game to game and in the Direct VR settings page in your VorpX menu you should find the indications to know if this option is available or not! Direct VR will provide you perfect 1:1 head tracking, automated FOV adjustment with a perfectly calculated FOV regardless of the headset, the game resolution or the VorpX settings that may affect the correct game FOV. And in some special cases, the positional tracking can also be handled by Direct VR.

  • Another interesting feature of the latest version of the VorpX is the Desktop Viewer. With this feature you can operate your PC in your VR headset. You can do everything! You can browse the web, make a Skype call, watch videos as you like and even write a text on the virtual screen. The Desktop Viewer makes all this options possible, but the trick is that you need a high version of Windows to make it work.
  • VorpX brings you special profiles for two of the most popular video players, the VLC and the MPC-HC. You will be able to play any 2D or 3D video you want that works with these players on your headset thanks to VorpX’s Crystal Image feature for maximum image clarity.
  • And there’s more! With the latest VorpX you will have access to cloud based user settings and profiles. This is how you can easily share and import settings and profiles for different games that VorpX don’t officially support directly from within the VorpX configuration app.
  • It comes with a super fast depth buffer and geometry Stereo 3D creation system. Depending on your preferences when it comes to gaming, and the specific games, you can switch a super fast 3D method, and that way you’ll ensure a 60fps in pretty much every game. As you know, this is crucial for a good virtual reality experience.
  • VorpX has built to use multi-threading, which ensures that no extra input latency is introduced for head tracking, among other great advantages. High framerates and low latency are the true key to enjoy a virtual reality experience, and the VorpX delivers exactly that.
  • VorpX takes every matter into consideration. Since pressing buttons on a keyboard could result very hard and annoying during a virtual reality game, the VorpX allows you to map up to 16 keyboard shortcuts to a special VR menu that will activate the function just by looking at the virtual button. It’s the top technology regarding augmented reality interface inside the game.

VorpX issues

There are some issues that could come up from usage. In any of these cases you should contact the VorpX customer service support to come up with a solution.

  • The field of view is too low and some games look zoomed in In order to get the best virtual reality experience as possible, it is very important that the field of view is higher than when you are playing on a simple monitor. VorpX offers a variety of options to make this happen. But you should take into consideration that this is different from game to game, you won’t always get the same results. You can check this on the Essential Game Hints guide in the VorpX help section.
  • The EdgePeek mode is activated by pressing the mouse wheel and with this feature you can fix any issue you might have when it comes to the usage of the menus and in case they happen to be out of your view range. For some games you will also have the option to scale HUD and menus on the image page of the VorpX ingame menu, a very useful shortcut.
  • If your tracking seems a bit slow or way too fast you should make sure to adjust the head tracking sensitivity once for every game. To do this go to the head tracking page of the VorpX ingame menu. And if you happen to find your frame rate too low, you must check whether you can change the 3D Reconstruction to Z-Normal in the vorpX ingame menu too. This mode is faster and other options suggested to improve the performance is to reduce the game’s graphics settings or the resolution. Please keep in mind that playing games with a VorpX is more demanding than playing them on a monitor, and specially in a 3D mode.
  • Another problem could be the technical issues of the VorpX. For example, if your VorpX shows and error that says “the configured device was not found”, could mean that you haven’t selected the correct device in the VorpX configuration app and you need to change it. Also make sure that your headset is connected to your PC and you are using and updated version of your HMD vendor’s software
  • If the issue has to do with hooking into the game you wish to play, maybe the problem is that you need to switch between different DirectX versions of the game or a 32&64bit version. It’s easy to solve, but it’s always worth checking all options.
  • Some of the customers who already tried the latest VorpX experienced the error “failure to launch”. This could happen due to a problem with the antivirus. Sometimes the solution is to uninstal it and try another one.

Is VorpX worth it!?

Let’s us start off by saying that Vorpx in 2017 is worth it on many scales. It promises to take your gaming experience to a next level while maintaining a good balance between performance and quality. But you have to be willing to compromise a little bit since perfection is out of reach, and you also have to be ready to do some work on your own like tweaking FOV and editing .ini configs.

vorpx reviewFirst of all, your favourite game might not be supported, so you have to check the list of supported games. On the other hand, the list of supported games is quite rich, so if you’re not fixated on one thing, the list will surely cover more than you need.

Secondly, while some games might present the issue of having huge hands and give you a sense of playing attack on titan. This issue could be resolved in some other games using mods, and even though playing the games with the issue is manageable. You’ll also have to settle with the fact that the graphics can not be rendered to perfection. Don’t expect it to be a real-life resolution. The games might also crash mid-game, but we have to say that this is a possible case in almost any modification to a game.

You might encounter problems, but you are also very likely to find solutions or even create your own as there’s always a way to get around things. The everyday growing community of Vorpx is one of the things that’s making it totally worth it Online games are also quite at hand, but you’d need to make more tweaks than the offline mode, and you’d have to check if the game mod counts your tweaks as cheats or not.

With a few compromisations done, you’d be ready for a totally immersive experience, the new update with DirectVR has been quite crowd-pleasing and earned the franchise more fans than it already had with Oculus Touch and Vive Controllers now in the game, the Vorpx team is surely striving to enrich the gaming experience provided.

So it really comes down to your own expectations for the game. Are you expecting a native VR experience or a close to real-life one, or are you merely wishing to play your favourite games in VR mode and test the fun of playing in first person mode instead of regular 3rd person one? If it the first one, then your wish might quite well be out of hands, but if it is the later one, Vorpx might just make the cut for you.

VorpX Alternatives

If you are still not sure about the VorpX and have too many concerns because of the different issues you might find, then you still have some alternatives to choose from.

  • TriDef 3D 
  • Vireio Perception 
  • Depth 3D 


Having seen how VorpX works and most of the things about it, you should definitely get it if you’re a game lover and VR headset owner. It offers you quite a number of benefits at a minimal price. It is a 3D virtual reality program that is rivalled by few if any. It gives you a whole new gaming experience, taking you into the actual world as you sit in front of your PC. What more can a gamer ask for than to experience first hand the world the game characters live in and get to be part of them? Get your copy of VorpX today and get to enjoy its perks.

Download VorpX * | Virtual Reality Amazon Deals

  • Vorpx price: ~40 USD, final price may vary due to taxes, depending on your location.


  1. Does not work with Planetside 2, purchased solely for that game. Ask for a refund, now 3 months later after multiple emails no reply. 40 bucks, no big deal, to make it clear don’t waste your time, zero support and definitely not worth the effort.

    If I was putting my name out there I would refund someone that is unhappy or help them with a product that I made instead of ignore them so easy to bash anything with the internet, cut copy paste. Avoid Avoid! Bad business!

    • Hi Charles. Thank you for sharing!
      1. Update VorpX, latest version is 17.1.0.
      2. Not all games work from the box
      3. Ask help at Vorpx forum or Reddit
      4. About Planetside 2 read here, may be it helps!

      What HMD do you use?

  2. Got it to play GTA v.
    Purchase was easy, GTA v was included in the list of comparable games so all good.
    Ran it for the first time with the GTA profile at the recomended graphics settings and it ran about 2 FPS with no sound.
    I have an Win 10 i7 with 16gb ram and a 1080 graphics card. Thought this can’t be right so shut down and tried again. This time the game said can’t load as the GTA v .exe file is missing…
    Now I have a 3 hour steam download to correct that. £35 down the drain I think. 😠

    • Hi Colin! I’ll try to help you. What VorpX mode (Direct VR, 3D Geometry, Z-Adaptive/Z-Normal) did you use to setting up GTA V? What HMD do you have? Unfortunately, not all VorpX supported games work from the box. But GTA V works with VorpX, with or without modes. I think something wrong is with VorpX setup for GTA V.


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