Battlezone VR Review: An Epic VR Co-Op Tank Combat Game


Fight your way through as mankind’s last hero to save the planet in Battlezone VR; a first-person action game that immerses you in an explosive chaos and engages you in an intense combat inside the neon-bathed Tron-like world.

Battlezone VR is played seated and in the Cobra tank equipped with monitors and controls within, but with limited attack weapons.

You can customize your Tank’s interior look by choosing from the available skins, and you can unlock several other deadly weapons like EMPs, laser-guided missiles, as well as shields as you progress.

Dab into the multiplayer mode and put your teamwork to test with a group of friends, or enjoy a solo action with Al bots. On each campaign, you can earn yourself some currencies which can be used to purchase more dangerous weapons from the supply station or to buy extra life to improve survival.

If you tried this game during its beta testing, then you will be glad to know it is now available on PC and PlayStation from May 11, 2017, the official Battlezone VR release date.

Read our Battlezone VR review further to learn more!

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Battlezone VR is a seated game that sets you in a front-facing position in the Cockpit of a war tank heavily powered and well-equipped for combat. From your seat, you won’t have to swivel your head beyond a hundred and eighty degrees to view your surroundings, and with the traditional Dualshock controller, you can have a smooth maneuvering and weapon firing.

It is vital to have a good tactical awareness, to survey your environment and to plan your moves prior to every attack.

On Battlezone VR, you can enjoy a solo play without limits, but if you are not extremely patient and methodical, you may find it difficult surviving solo without spending all your earnings on extra life rather than on upgrades and weapons. If you have four of your friends around, you can have a thrilling Co-Op game action as well, but what is essential for a victorious warfare is good communication.

Although the use of weapons in Battlezone VR require some skills, the game maintains a short learning curve overall, and you will soon be taking out your enemies effectively in no time!

Running out of respawns in Battlezone VR does not only end your current campaign but also makes you lose it forever, and consequently, you will have to start all over on a completely new board. If you are playing in multiplayer mode, however, your team members can revive and heal you as confirmed during our Battlezone VR review.

Battlezone VR is compatible with Oclus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR, all of which deliver an exciting and immersive experience in Virtual Reality.

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The positive

Often times, first-person action games like this lack a sense of variety as every of their campaigns always look dull and repetitive. On the contrary, our Battlezone VR review saw a combat game with a difference!

To make each game session unique in its own way, battlezone VR lets you choose what you play. Each time you adjust the game length and difficulty level from the settings, it generates a board of hexagonal titles with different mission combinations.

It is notable as well that Battlezone VR is built to the best Co-Op mission standards as you can play it with four other persons offline or online. This makes it another top social VR combat game that puts your teamwork and skills to test beyond your room walls.

If you own a Vive, Rift or PSVR, it should excite you to know Battlezone VR is available for download on Oculus Home, Steam and Playstation Store.


Additionally, If you have an Xbox One Controller, you can enjoy a more precise control to the best accuracy.

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The negative

In our Battlezone VR review, we didn’t find much fault in this action game except for the fast movements in Virtual Reality which can be sickening for some people.

The comfort settings, however, can be adjusted to set the tank to hover gracefully without making this a heck of an issue.

We also think Battlezone VR would have been more fun if it had a competitive multiplayer mode that lets you have human opponents which will be unpredictable to battle.

battlezone vr review


Battlezone VR is a well-polished VR game from Steam, with awesome graphics, a smooth control, and full subtitles in about eleven other languages to make it universal enough.

The combat VR game lets you team up with other players online, or with friends on the same console, or even alone in solo with Al bots.

However, your ammo will be in a limited supply and you will have to be mindful of how much terror your team unleashes on your enemies.

This Co-Op game features a heavy combat intensity and a good sense of scaling in VR which means gamers are guaranteed of an immersion that promises a thrilling experience.

One may be tempted to say Battlezone VR is over-priced, but for a first-person combat VR game that supports motion controls and a limitless 3-dimensional view which defines Virtual Reality, we can say it’s been given a practical benefit and a good sense of immersion that is worth it.



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