The Five Best Horror Games for the HTC Vive

horror games for the htc vive

Horror games and virtual reality headsets are a match made in heaven. The deep sense of immersion that can be achieved by playing in VR works perfectly in tandem with the atmosphere of fear, nervousness, and dread that is at the crux of the horror genre. The result is an addictively-terrifying combination that can make your heart race like nothing else.

If you own an HTC Vive, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try out at least a couple of horror games, even if you aren’t a fan of the genre.

We have waded through the entire Steam library and compiled a list of 5 best horror games that you can play right now on the HTC Vive.

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

Chair in a Room is such an adventurous game. The game takes the player through an investigation of a number of social vices in the society.

There is something about the game that intrigues me.

The game brings an excellent opportunity to encounter some virtual interactive experiences. Without a doubt, such interactions boost creativity each time you play. Chair in a room is equally challenging, something which is good for the brain. There are times in the course of the game where you hear some whispering in a dark room. The dark room is really scaring and probably adrenaline will be triggered in response to the horror scenes.

The story in the game is pretty engaging and the environments are beaming with beautiful scenes. It is amazing to see how you have to jump out of the shadows. Often times, you find yourself in an empty space holding your breath for suspense and fear of the unknown. I love the way the game builds a heightening suspense when the Greenwater pulls you in The pace makes the game really enjoyable, not too slow, and not too fast.   However, the game has a few technical glitches. The objects in the game get a little glitch in some instances. Additionally, the lamps often go off in the dark areas.

Dead Secret 

Most of the reviews about “Dead secret” (VR game) are positive. People gladly recommend this game to all those players who enjoy spooky thriller games. Some of the players say that this is one of the best games they have ever played, but the others say it is not what they expected after they have watched the trailer.

Although, it is a short one it takes around 3-4 hours of intensive play to solve the murder and finish the game), according to reviews, this game is worth of every penny they have spent. At the beginning, one of the players said, the game looked pretty innocent, but later when you get involved into the story, it becames really creepy. The other player admits that he literally froze the first time the killer showed up suddenly.

The puzzles, that you have to solve during the game, are enjoyable challenge, although they are not too hard, they require some thinking. Most of them agree that they couldn’t stop playing the game and solving puzzles, until they found the killer.

There are those who didn’t like this game of course, because it is, as they said, too predictable, unchallenging and also overprized. The one thing which most of the players didn’t like is that this is a point and click game.

Overall, “Dead secret” is an interesting game, with its ups and downs, but worth trying. Puzzles are quite simple, but enjoyable, atmosphere during the game is creepy, but the story is very entertaining. So, if you like thriller games with a spooky and scary tone, this game is the best thing for you to try!

Emily Wants To Play 

Scary as hell. Deliver a pizza to a seemingly innocuous and innocent house. Seems straightforward; no problem right? Good luck getting out in one piece, pizza guy.

As I walk up to the house, I notice that the door is standing wide open. I, a professional delivery man with a job to do, opt to just mosey on in cowboy style, drop the pizza and maybe collect a generous tip. It’s raining outside, so might as well hop inside where it’s dry, right? First mistake.

As I enter the house and explore the living room, anxiety already beginning to set in, a door down the hall closes. At this point, I have a decision to make. Do I play the hero and investigate the door? Figuring the best place to drop off a pizza, and it being the opposite direction of the recently closed door, I opt instead to head into the kitchen to try and collect my money and get the hell out of there.

As I walk into the kitchen, the light goes out and I run back into the living room without even bothering to turn it back on. I head back into the living room and the clock strikes midnight, summoning what I can only describe as an abomination from the deepest and darkest pits of hell. It’s name is Kiki, it nearly gave me a heart attack, and it wants to hug me. Forget that jazz. At this point. I’m running all through the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off and trying not to curl up in the fetal position on my chair and cry myself to sleep. I didn’t survive the night. Emily didn’t even leave a tip.

If you are looking for a fun and creepy game, this one certainly delivers.

Blue Effect VR 

This game offers the user with a shooter experience, that is sure to give nightmares, even after the user is done playing with the game. The entire virtual world in this game is an apocalyptic-like environment.

The game is spooky and dark and has great sound quality. The UI of the game is the one of the better among the other VR games. The environment in this game will equally test your bravery and quick response skill.

In the game you drop off into dark forgotten world, armed with the blue effect orb to light your path and a beam pistol for self protection, as the player will encounter many weird creatures in his way. The virtual world in this game is the strange planet Exo-277. The mission of the player is to collect and protect the coveted blue effect material.

Truly speaking, this game offers a wave based shooter experience, where the player is in a deserted factory, consumed by darkness, and the only things seen is the red eyes of the monsters. In case if the player wants to illuminate the area, he/she can do so, by throwing the blue ball . The music in the game adds to tension smoothly, and the sound effects kicks in to help it even more.

Altogether, the game has a polished experience and is ready to take the player into the virtual apocalyptic world and the experiences faced by the player throughout the game is truly one of a kind.

The Brookhaven Experiment 

The Brookhaven Experiment is a well-designed, highly polished game with an extremely immersive atmosphere that can make your heart pound against your chest at a hundred miles an hour.

Having been a fan of horror games for a long time, I was beginning to think that no game would be able to make me afraid. I was wrong!

Terribly, terribly wrong. Let me tell you one thing, if you want to hear your friends scream like little girls — let them play a few rounds of this game.

There’s a lot to like about the Brookhaven Experiment. The game is competently made and knows exactly what it wants to be . The guns feel solid and impactful, which makes them extremely satisfying to use The level design is well thought out If you are a fan of horror shooter, this is probably the best game you can buy for the HTC Vive!


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