EVE: Valkyrie Review: Greatest VR game 2016

eve valkyrie review

Have you ever wanted to be an elite space fighter pilot? Looks like your dream has just come true! In EVE: Valkyrie, you’re a space fighter who happens to be immortal. This game gives you a serious virtual reality experience from the Rich EVE Universe. Want to try it? Before read this EVE: Valkyrie review.

So, you only need a PC and a consumer Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset to play it. You also need a Sony Playstation for platform to play EVE: Valkyrie. When you’re in the EVE Universe and playing EVE: Valkyrie with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you feel like you’re really in space fighting between stars and planets. Every object in the game is very detailed and gives you an impression that everything you see around you is real.

EVE Valkyrie review


Let’s just say that sometimes you have to look around to see all the other players and the planets. How would it be possible in a flat screen game? The only way to give a full experience is Virtual Reality and with this game you can experience it wonderfully. It’s a multiplayer game and you’re surrounding with other squad mates in the universe. When you turn your head the ship moves to the same direction. And that is a very neat feature and feeling.

EVE Valkyrie review

Some players experienced a feeling in their stomach in the first hour. This feeling should go away after a few hours as you get used to the sense of turning your head and body constantly in the direction of other ships and planets. I would say it just adds more reality to the game as you would probably experience a feeling in your stomach driving a ship in the universe, right?

The game gets really chaotic from time to time when multiple players meet at one location and they start a fight. Other times, when you’re away from the crowd, it gets calmer but only for a while. Many fights happen in the universe so maybe it’s a better strategy to look for them instead of trying to avoid them. This is actually the exciting part of the game.

EVE Valkyrie review

And the best is that you never get bored with this game. After playing for hours, you only start to understand the basics and you’re not close to winning at all In the first few hours, you basically learn how to do the basic control and you die A LOT. So be prepared for dying and then starting over in probably a new life.


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