Realities: Travel the world without leaving your home

If you are looking for that quiet museum experience without disturbances from people around you, I would recommend Realities: vr travel app I would call it a museum simulator since it has complete information cards that explain what you are looking at. Although most of the places are in Germany, the experience is really amazing and it makes you feel as though you are actually there.


For instance, the castle is really immerse, it feels like a playground and you can even go to the highest point where the guy is standing. Though there are fewer places to explore (probably for now), this is a really impressive review of what virtual reality especially Realities can bring to learning about places. The ability to travel to faraway places with just a touch of a button and with ancient structures reserved to explore, the leaflets and information tablets can really help you earn more about history. I would not be surprised if schools choose to use this app instead of having to endure painful field trips to visit places. Of course it will need to have many places but with this amazing feeling this app will scale in no time


The only setback in this is that it has very few places to explore perhaps the reason why it’s free. But if more places were to be added and expand the area to explore to a much bigger size than app a room sized plot, I would be encouraged to pay for it if it were not free. Since its virtual reality, wouldn’t be nice to be able to explore a much bigger area with more content to improve the realistic nature of the app.


The idea of this game is really interesting, but it has a limited scope. Apart from the fact that it has few places to explore, the texture is of low quality and it’s blurry. Movement too is clumsy and not precise. The graphic too are not that great, only the screen shots make places look much beautiful and bigger. It could be much better if I could load higher resolution of the places

RealitiesĀ is great travel app, it gives a great taste of what virtual reality can bring to tourism. I mean having visit places that you could never have imagined going is really amazing. Just grabbing, resizing the earth and spinning it around and teleporting to places for free is a fantastic feeling


In conclusion, I would say this app really brings out the possibilities of virtual reality especially in the tourism sector. Sure it has limitations for now, but I hope it’s the beginning of what would be a great app. I would recommend adding more content since it’s shallower at the moment. Also mapping more places to add to the current five would be fantastic. I hope developers review the comments and make the improvements. Am looking forward to exploring more places Realities.


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