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To many who feel they were born at a time too late to explore the earth or too soon to dig into the stars, be happy you came at a period when you can do all of it in VR on a game that captures your imagination to immerse you into a Trekkie Universe!

Star Trek Bridge Crew is the real deal of Sci-Fi that is specially designed to throw you a hundred years into the future where you can see yourself role-playing as a service member manning a military space vessel. After about 10 months when Star Trek legends were taken up stage by Ubisoft, the game is now out since May 30 which happened to be the official Star Trek Bridge Crew release date.

Star Trek Bridge Crew  is an outstanding social and multi-player VR game that works across platforms on your PC or PS4; something Co-Op gamers would love. If you are lucky to find yourself in a team where your crew members are good at whatever station they choose to man, you can make each mission as thrilling as you would want it to be.

Bridge Crew can also be enjoyed alone as a single player but with a crew of Al bots, and it still promises an all-round team action and fun at every moment.

Beyond the fantasy of being in a uniform and posing in a chair, Star Trek Bridge Crew indirectly puts some morals to test; leadership, teamwork and proper management.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review HTC Vive


Our Star Trek Bridge Crew review shows an exciting VR game that lets you team up with three other members to make a crew of four, in manning a USS Aegis Vessel that will most times be engaged in firefights with War Birds while on search-and-rescue missions.

From our Star Trek Bridge Crew review, there are up to five episodes with each session lasting for about 30 minutes, and the available roles are Captain, Helmsman, Engineering, and Tactical, each of which are responsible for different parts of the ship’s system.

The captain role puts your crew members in your care, and you have to ensure they stick to the objectives of your mission while on their individual duties. You will be able to monitor, co-ordinate and see everything around. There are three maps to guide the crew through each mission; a local map that shows you current position, an impulse map that lets you view objects of interest that are a short distance away, and a warp map that lets you view very distant objects, and all of these are only accessible by the captain.

Download Start Trek: Bridge Crew from Steam

Engineering controls the distribution of power from the ship to phasers, engines, as well as the shield, and any adjustment you make to one system will be at the expense of others. It is in the power of the Engineering Officer to adjust the outputs according to the mission, and you can choose to maintain a low profile by going on stealth mode like certain missions may require. Also, Engineering can repair any of the systems except your team’s hull, which means that you will be accruing unrepairable damages under enemy attack once your shield is down.

A Helmsman basically controls the navigation of the Aegis from a virtual touchscreen, moving it to wherever it is supposed to be per time for an effective attack or to the best defense. In this piloting role, you will be seated in front of the steering wheel and it will be in your power to trigger jumps to the warp speed when it is necessary.

From the Tactical seat, you can control all your scanners and weapons within the Aegis vessel, and you will be able to fire torpedoes but in a limited supply. You will also be able to intrude sub-systems and knock out enemy’s engines.

Whichever role you choose to play, Star Trek Bridge Crew is set to give you an amazing experience, leaving you with a control system that renders a full VR immersion!

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review Oculus Rift

The positive

There are so many things Trekkie fans will love about Star Trek Bridge Crew, and even if you are a non-Trekkie fan, the fun in the social part of it something you can’t resist.

You can play the campaigns alone or across platforms with friends or interested members that are online. Interestingly, individuals can choose to pick roles unique to the kind of gaming gear they possess like a wheel, a flight control system, or hand-held controllers for the best immersion.

Star Trek Bridge Crew becomes more immersive when viewed through a headset, and it gets interestingly realistic and precise when you use hand controllers like the PlayStation Move or Oculus Rift Wand to give commands or take actions through gestures; a Star Trek Bridge Crew immersion that is exclusive to VR.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review Playstation VR

The negative

From our Star Trek Bridge Crew review, we observed Ubisoft didn’t give so much attention to the graphics of the exterior spaces placing the lumpy-looking planets and stars too close to each other. But a lot of gamers that are more focused on the fun will likely overlook this; after all, it’s just a game.

During and after impulses as well as warp travels, we also observed from our Star Trek Bridge Crew review that some certain buttons become unresponsive for a moment, which leaves you tapping buttons for the next action till the game gives you the chance to decide.

This can be a bit annoying but it is something you will get used to over time.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review Virtual Reality


Star Trek Bridge Crew promises several hours of amazing excitement where you can feel like you are truly a part of a Starship crew. If you love Co-Op games where you work with your own crew, give orders, and watch the outcome of your own strategies, this game is for you.

The team-based VR game is set to immerse you fully into whatever station you have chosen to man and all crew members will receive or give orders and take action from where they are seated.

Download Star Trek: Bridge Crew from Playstation Store

However, the best experience of a full immersion awaits you in VR as Star Trek Bridge Crew Vive is available on PC and PS4 with full support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive motion controls and this game has been available since the official Star Trek Bridge Crew release date slated for May 30, 2017.

The game may not tickle your fancy if you play it alone or at random but with a team of real humans where your friends can take the roles of other crew members, you will definitely find it adventurous and entertaining!

Star Trek’s Bridge Crew has gained enough attention from several Trekkie fans and VR gamers to earn itself the best multiplayer game in the market at the moment.  If you are a Sci-Fi fan, this is what you have been waiting for and you should try it out!


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