The Brookhaven Experiment Review : Your Worst Nightmare Redefined

the brookhaven experiment review

Watching the Walking Dead television show is all well and good but is not until you have stood in the middle of a basement with zombies coming at you jaws wide open and your only escape option being shooting them dead if you are to have any chance of surviving that you understand exactly how horrifying and frightening and completely scary zombies can be That is exactly it though, it is what the Brookhaven experiment provides. Scary, intense, stimulating and out of this world gaming experience that will have you teetering on the edge of sanity. The Brookhaven Experiment feels much like a product of id software, but dare I say it’s pretty remarkably executed with similar finesse by Phosphor games. Allow me to breakdown the brookhaven experiment review for you:

The Brookhaven Experiment review

Set in series of ghastly environments, the Brookhaven Experiment is a lot more than your average horror survival game. The external environments are unforgiving; while the indoors present some of the more intelligent scares Phosphor could come up with. Although players are restricted from free movements, the game does manage to surprise you loads of times. Every dreaded element is firmly in placefrom the excruciatingly slow reloading time to the age old flashlight in your hand that just keeps dying. The tension is ever increasing and it always lurks in the air.

The monsters themselves are carefully designed to avoid any kind of repetition in the game, each of them have their own pace and you get to carefully plan takedowns. Your inventory also includes a grenade that comes handy once in a while. But your final form of defence, the Melee is a letdown. It just isn’t optimized very well. I’d rather say that the tech itself needs to evolve to allow a better accuracy of such close, high paced movements and interactions. Nonetheless, slashing does work but it still feels pretty redundant. Those who are accustomed to playing along with a plotline might be slightly disappointed as this game lacks a narrative. It clearly would have spiced things up and made up for all the other chucks in the armor.

Horror games are nothing if they can’t leave lasting impressions. To be able to achieve that, you need stunning visuals and I was pretty satisfied with what was throw at me. Body details are incredible; while the lighting and shadows add more to the realism. The damage mechanism is just awesome. With every bullet impact the flesh gets torn off with life like ragdoll physics. The environments, although hidden in darkness for most part are beautifully rendered too.

A lot of horror games don’t live upto expectations because they simply don’t sound real enough. The audio is just downright predictable or boring. None of the HTC Vive games had it in them. The Brookhaven Experiment however, presents a really intelligently modeled audio system that makes end to end use of 3D spatial audio. It truly contributes to the setting and makes the game every atmospheric. The shots echo into the darkness beautifully while you await your fate amidst cricket noises. Every growl and every movement is very well directedyou truly have to experience it firsthand to appreciate it.

All things considered, the Brookhaven Experiment for the HTC Vive feels like a well oiled scare machine. It incorporates everything you’d expect from a horror survival, and it does it in style. If you were already smitten by the demo, I can’t wait till you try this!


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