The Gallery — Episode 1: Call of the Starseed Review

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Virtual reality — the very term should tell you exactly what you are getting into when you decide to purchase equipment for this niche; you are basically in the game, you’re part of it, you’re a character yourself, you move as one, you control everything, and quite frankly, you’re a hero or heroine! Yes, it costs money, but hey, if this is your hobby of choice, then you have to invest in the very best equipment.
It’s common knowledge that virtual reality gaming is on the rise, and with that comes a plethora of new games in a constant and steady stream. HTC Vive are constantly loading up the market with new titles on a regular basis, and that’s fantastic for gamers who want to truly embrace the virtual reality world as their own.

Because of this constant stream of new games, you need to know which are worth the purchase, and which, quite frankly, are not, to protect your cash against false investment. Call of the Starseed is one of those new titles which has recently been released, and if you’re looking for mystery, intrigue, and a truly interactive experience, this is a great option to go for, no matter what your age.

If you have no idea where to start, let’s talk about this game a little more, and let you decide for yourself whether this is the virtual reality experience you’ve been looking for.

What’s the story?

Call of the Starseed is the first episode in a chain of games, part of the Gallery series, which you can purchase for high-tech HTC Vive.

Call of the Starseed begins as you receive a strange and cryptic message from your sister, who has disappeared, and this message sends you off on a mysterious exploration to find her, and figure out what has happened along the way — you are literally thrown straight into the action!

This journey takes you through different lands, meeting various strange characters, with whom you interact, before leading you to a machine which you are duty bound to explore. Within this machine you come into contact with a rather strange and dark character — we won’t spoil the rest!

Why is Call of the Starseed so great?

Basically, you are in the story, and you will become so immersed in it that you may even start to think it is real! You need to find your sister, and fast! What is that machine? Why is that character acting so strangely? These are all questions you will need to find the answers to

The HTC Vive does a great job of making everything 100% real, and that is what you will get with this game — you can reach out and touch everything, turn items over, lift them up, throw them, basically do anything. You will be required to solve puzzles, move around, crawl, jump, you name it


The soundtrack and dark world you are exploring all help to add extra reality to the game, and Cloudhead have done a fantastic job of the graphics, creating a truly interactive world.


  • Phenomenal story / artstyle / voice acting / music
  • Dark, gritty atmosphere
  • Immersive
  • Inventory system is fantastic
  • Incredible VR experience
  • Interesting puzzles
  • No motion sickness during moving bits (Elevators, etc.)


  • Overpriced
  • Short (1-2 hours)
  • Physics for loose, thrown, or falling items can sometimes be a little wonky
  • Accidentally forgot my in-game hands weren’t real and punched myself in the face with the Vive controller while reaching for my backpack

Is it worth it?

Personally, yes. This is going to turn into a series of episodes, so you need to really understand the first one, to truly understand the whole series! Call of the Starseed plants the, well, seed actually, for the rest of the games which will come onto the market in the near future as part of The Gallery series, which has been loosely based on fantasy adventure movies which came out in the 80s; if you are old enough to remember these, you will get an idea of how the game looks.

In terms of performance, the full room scale experience means no gaps in your gaming, with a ratio of 11 hand tracking, supporting a full range of bodily movements. You can literally reach out and touch, be at one with the game, and you won’t for a second feel like you are gaming, because the experience is so real. The story behind the game is also interesting, intriguing, and will hold your attention, and this is what will appeal to gamers of all kinds. The series as it comes out over time looks set to become a big hit, with Call of the Starseed on the HTC Vive being the first of its kind — don’t miss out


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